18 September 2010

some of YOU my friend!!!

YOU are very funny,
most of the time very silly & clumsy.
I will ask you to wear or take care of yourself properly,
after I accidentally saw your boobies.

YOU are very skinny,
eat is also one of your hobby.
There's once when i saw you i said "oopsy",
because i saw some place kinda hairy.

YOU used to be very "beh ki",
but now at least got entao ki.
Unfortunately now has become a fatty,
& can't stand the temptation of discount thingy.

YOU are a shorty,
your laughter huiyo so scary.
Last time used to think maybe you can hardly be ppl's cup of tea,
but right now has become ppl's property.

YOU are of of my bestie,
the person that i most worry.
I hope you can live happily,
just dial my no whenever u need me.

14 September 2010

my exssss

i started using hand phone when i was.....erm i think form 3 which was 2003.It has been 7 years!!!

my 1st phone was nokia 8850
- my sis gave me this 1 it is kinda sleek during that time and i still think it is pretty though just it is colorless

my 2nd phone was sony ericsson T610
- well this is obviously the 1st phone that i bought. Besides of the beauty of it, i still remember "charlie's angels" the 1st was using it...haha

my 3rd phone was samsung E700a
- nth to talk about this except it is a flip phone i was attracted by it through a broucher

my 4th phone was nokia 6670
- it is a leaves shape which is kinda unique during that time. i was attracted by it because my sis was using 7610

my 5th phone was nokia 5300
- nth to say about this also. It is a slide phone & got sick of using normal that's why wanna try out a slide phone which i never use before

my 6th phone was iphone 2g
- i was so attracted to this phone because it is so damn nice. I got so addicted until i watch youtube videos about this phone everyday & i used a paper to cut out the proper size just to see how does it look like when i am holding it with my hand(i know i am crazy)

my 7th phone was htc touch
- bought this because it is still nice though & i got so fed up with the reception of iphone & my iphone became ibrick when i accidentally upgraded it. Then 1 of the Gossip Girl cast used this phone on the tv show~~so NICE~~ eherm

my 8th phone was sony ericsson S312
- this was the most shocking phone that i bought according to my friends which i don't know why. Well i do know actually. To them, i will never use such phone which what they think it is kinda cheap to me!!!duh....i will still use this phone though. Looks is not a necessary to me "sometimes" & i bought this is because all my phones died

my 9th phone is nokia e71
- Well it is still present though but soon this babe will become past tense already!!!oops!!! I din buy this phone actually, it is my sis phone which she doesn't want to use and i am kinda fancy with blackberry during that time that's why my first instinct was quickly grab "him" to become mine...haha

So in a few years i do changed a lot of phones!!! To me it is normal just like everyone else because i always have this "thing" in phones which somebody might fancy about "PUMA" always buy "PUMA" DISCOUNTS thingy, or camera or MNG or heels or branded things like anyone else!!!

So FRIENDS next time when u see me using a new phone please don't say "what? yitmay you changed your phone again ar?" because i do have reasons why i HAVE to change, obviously tons of reasons!!!

12 September 2010


i am waiting for you!!!my new babe!!!

10 September 2010

what am I?

what are my plans?
i really don't know!!!
am i happy with what i am doing right now??well, not really!!!
some ppl said: wow look at you, you are doing what you like to do!!!might be, but that's not exactly what i dream about!!!
i wanna stay at a beach side & go surfing everyday!(consider a plan i think, because i din't know how to surf yet so i have to go to get some lessons first)
do i really wanna be an interior designer? i don't know!!!
i love to design but dealing with clients is really not my forte!!!
other than design what can i do?i don't know
do i really suit to be a designer?i don't know!!!
there's once a person who told me you got too much to think!!!if i really do, what was i thinking?

there are tons of "I DON'T KNOW" in my head....so why am i writing this?i really don't know!!!