19 May 2010

GYM !!!

erm.....when you are in a gym...you will see diff types of ppl!!!(no doubt).You will see those hot & muscular one^^,not so hot but still muscular one,uncles or aunties with great bodies & staminas...uncles or aunties with great fat bellies, thin gal with firm body, thin gal with floppy tummy that likes to wear short sports wear, gal that wear makeup when workout. Well all these are still OKAY!!
not long ago i met 1 person that irritates me, today i met the other(btw i met those 2 at studio, coz i attend class only)!!!okay lets talk about that 1st person(is a he).He is...i think around 40sth with big tummy.He STINKS....OMFG....not the sweat kind of smell....is the other type....ewww....He loves to pin the key on his clothes....when he jump....argh......kling kling kling....annoying like hell.Then he did those ice skating moves....duh is like an elephant is too heavy to jump, & the thing that irritates me the most is...he doesn't follow what instructor did...He will be faster...please if you wanna be faster then please stand at the stage. At least you will not hit the person that stands beside & don't forget you STINKS
then the 2nd one i din't realized until today.(maybe he didn't stand beside/near me before)He...wow...made a very good impression not by his looks(not hot pun)..i think everybody will recognize him because of his black undies. He loves to wear white shorts that will become transparent when it's wet. That's the problem, because he sweat like nobody else does!!!OMG...can you just imagine he can WET the entire studio's floor...eww.....& he irritates everybody!!He likes to switch his place when the place that he originally stands is wet. I think next time when ppl see you, the entire class will be empty because he is a shower head, when he just stand & do nth, he is like a shower head that got leaking problem, the WATER cant stop dropping. Then when he moves, OMFG just like you are showering when the shower head is pointing at you!!!!
that's gym life!!!bo huat!!!

09 May 2010

shopping shopping shopping

just now went out with ba69 fren to teman him go buy present!!!za zai dun wan go.....coz i saw a lot of things i wanna buy....my god....i saw M&G jeans la, pants la, FOS t-shirt la, Nike T-shirt la & bikini.....i think if i buy this bikini sure got a lot of ppl will bla bla bla me eh.....coz i already have 3 bikiniSSS....if i buy this then that will be my 4th 1.....argh...how??
after that we went to chilis to makan makan & diao nai!!!then that ba69 order fish & chip(this is not the main point) the main point is when he squeezed the lime...the juice piak to my neck.....eww ka c.....hate u....so liam gerli nia!!!then we talked about langkawi trip....wow....next fri toh si liao...so high....phew....faster reach next fri...i wanna get tan skin....weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
anyway i have to work harder so that i can buy whatever i saw today. wish me luck then

07 May 2010

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural-fantasy horror tv series!!!Well i've never really like horror movies but i guess this made an exception. I think maybe it is because it is not that scary?(maybe)....the main reason is i love how the story line goes.....well it is kinda unpredictable that's what make it special!!!Not like some other tv series which you could actually predict what's is going to happen makes the movies/series so damn boring!!
Basically, the series is talking about Elena Gilbert's life who falls in love with vampire brothers Stefan & Damon Salvatore.She share the same face with Katherine Pierce who is a vampire that date Stefan & Damon & turned them to become vampires 100sth years ago.Elena's best friend Bonnie Bennett is a witch. Her 4th great grandmother from 1860's who was a powerful witch & Katherine handmaiden.
That's a lot more to say about the story but that's no point if i spill too much. Hopefully you guys will watch this series so that we got more topics to discuss about!!!Anyway enjoy!!!

03 May 2010

short hair style!!!

well......i've been thinking of to chop down my damn long hair for a very long time.....just lack of guts because of my "beautiful big face"!!!damn....i think i've my long hair since 2007?wow..3 years already....that's why i've already made up my mind that i will go to cut my hair in June or maybe July.....hopefully...i really meant it this time.....people asked me why must i wait until July it is just because i've just cut my hair not long ago which a lot of people din't notice if i din't mention.(HURT) & they laughed at me when i told them it is 2" shorter...aiks....it is a lot...
i read an article about how to choose very short hair styles that actually suits ur face shape!!!

If you have a “Diamond” face shape, you will need to get a very short haircut that is narrow in the cheekbone area and wide in the area of the forehead.

If you have a “Heart” shape face, a very short haircut like a bob that is layered or a cut that is considered to be “Asymmetrical” will be appropriate for you.

If you are an “Oval” face shape, just about any type of very short haircut will be appropriate and will compliment your appearance.

If your face shape is “Rectangular”, be sure to get a very short haircut that helps to disguise a long forehead shape and comes to about chin level.

If you have a “Round” face shape, get a very short haircut that softens the cheeks and has a number of layers. Short hair cuts that include curls are also quite complimentary to this face shape.

The “Square” shaped face will benefit from a short haircut that has graduated layers and moderate amounts of volume.

If your face is considered to be “Triangular”, you will have the flexibility to choose any type of very short haircut that you like, but it is best to avoid styles that make the top have a lot of volume.

There are many steps when it comes to learning how to choose Very Short Hair Style. If you follow the steps contained within this guide, you are likely to come out with a style that fits you perfectly. Remember; choose a style based on your facial shape, not the latest trends.