26 August 2009

miss MCD moments

it has been so many months we din go out together alr.....i miss those moments.....where we joked, bitched, talk......when could it happens again???seriously i really miss those moments.....hopefully 1 day will receive ur call & ask us to go out together!!!

13 August 2009

a simple "POEM" that describes YOU

Ng Yee Cheng,
Is 1 of the friendship that i would like to maintain
A 21st years old gal like her,
The attitude is still duhhhh
She has a very cutie size,
But with great body that i wonder why
She is a sweet & pretty lady,
But sometimes she will go crazy
She used to has this crazy giant hair,
That will make u hav a nightmare
Even though she is a shorty,
But when she laughs....wah very gerli
She can makes a lot of funs,
But sometimes her cold joke can make u feel like poiting ur head with a gun
Her styles....erm...quite trendy,
But sometimes she dress like a lao yi
She is very simple,
That is easy to mingle, btw is still available
She has brownish color eyes,
That i wish it could be mine
She can be a good listener,
But if u hav a secret pls dont tel her
PLS dont think that she is very easy to 'bully' bcoz she is just little,
Or else u will make urself suicide by pulling the trigger
Actualy she is a very nice person,
Crazy, simple but elegance
Alright i think that's all that i wan to say,
Lastly have a nice day

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY YC, i hope u will like it

11 August 2009

numbers & me crazy like me




07 August 2009

new template

phew.......i have been changing templates this few days....i think finally i got a simple yet simple template....but i havent finished editing yet....coz i am not really gd at computer thingy....so i need to refer to my internet reference to change some other stuffs......i hope u like it

05 August 2009

i am coming back.....

i am coming back 2molo.....wahahahahaha

04 August 2009

Hutan Lipur Ulu Kaching, Rawang

Last sat me & some of my colleagues went to Rawang waterfall.....i woke up at 11sth in the morning & received a msg from yee li told me to get ready becoz she is coming after having a shower......so i went to get ready & wait for her......she reached my place about 2pm bcoz KL town areas are so jam bcoz there was a demonstration going on.......so we straight away head to royee's place....unfortunately that little lady was having lunch with her mama.....so we hav to wait......she came back about 3 sth then we went to a supermarket to buy some snacks & food....on the way to our destiny we were trying to avoid those jams, we went to the wrong place.......finally we reach there......
well......besides humans there's a lot of monkeys.....even though we had alr reach there, still we have to climb up those stairs.....wah...pretty tired man.........the waterfalls hav several levels......we miss the 1st 1, we went to the 2nd 1...omg......so many ppl.....so we hav to go to the 3rd 1......the water is a bit shallow compared to the 2nd but at least less ppl(main point).....so we had fun in the water.....we jokes a lot....as bcoz of 1 of my colleague forgot to bring bras & undies to change, i din bring extra bras, another 1 wore red color undies with white color shorts....so....u know exactly what is it goin to be happen if u r soaking wet with white color shirts or shorts.....while u r standing under the waters falling area.....u get a feeling like there are rocks falling all over ur body.....but it is quite fun....coz u can also feel like sombody is massaging u.....& it is FOC......btw we were fighting with those monkeys bcoz they were trying to steal our foods...
we went back about 6 sth......then we went to cheras night market to hav our dinner......after that we went back to sleep