19 November 2009

Alila Villas Uluwatu

alila villas uluwatu is such an amazingly decorated resort in bali.....d 1st time i saw d pic was in a magazine called d+a......then again i saw it in another magazine called trends.....it is an eco-friendly resort which has been awarded Green Globe certification for sustainability.....what i like about this resort is...it has such a unique design & it doesnt looks cramp or even complicated....
but bad news....it is way too expensive....d minimum rate is USD 725....(tax excluded)& i really wish i could stay there if i could.....well this post is nth special other than helping u to increase ur knowledge about bali...& maybe change ur mindset....bali do hav such amazing things!!!

31 October 2009

my big day is coming

erm...my big day is comming....but i am not really excited at all dunno y,just dont feel that way & dont really feel like celebrating it...maybe bcoz :-
- i got no money??true
- moody??yup
- project got delay??yup
- maybe i wont even get tht project??yup
- it's only my 21st b'day not really that so big deal??maybe

but there's 1 thing that i am happy about it
- i got frens & family to celebrate with ...or else....it is goin to be so pathetic

29 October 2009


wow.....yesterday went to mcd with es.....while we r goin back that time...i started to feel a little bit uncomfortable + wanna pang sai.....when i reach home after lock the door & put all d keys on the table...i ran into the toilet & started to piak piak piak.....wow it looks like choc mousse with nuts....ewww.....after i just fninished baking my cake....oops....i feel like puking again.....so i went to the toilet.....eukkk.....everything that i ate came out.....really colourful.....then i saw 1 orange color thingy....weird....how come there's orange color...& it reminds me of the orange that i ate after dinnner....hmm......coz the orange was pretty sweet but with a little weird taste...but i din bother & finished them all....i think that is d most suspected things that make me puke...coz i just had some french fries & coke at mcd & some ciggies....oops....maybe is bcoz of the ciggies....but kinda impossible...coz it is not d 1st time 1 smoke.....erm....anyway.....i puke twice....& that feeling is....ewww.....i am regret coz not long ago....i told es that i wanna drink, dance, drunk & puke....& now i got a chance...really good timing

25 October 2009

Work Work Work

well......i've been busy lately...working like nuts.....i just finish drawing 3D for a jewellery shop in queesbay....erm.....at 1st i was kinda blank in my head, & need some brainstorming.....phew....in the end it reminds me of my coll sem 3 assignment...which was also requested to design a jewellery shop...comparatively it is of coz my assignment during coll time is a bigger scale project but it is just an assignment....so...i kinda took d concept of my sem 3 assignment called "the exquisite reflection" & apply it into this jewellery project in queensbay....
lucky day for me, my client vincent like the overall concept & ideas, just a lil amendment of the color....well, i am pretty happy about it...at least i dont hav to squeeze my mind to think about another new design....phew....but i din get to touch the carpentry work....anyway at least i got to design a commercial project since i havent do it for so long alr & i got paid alr.........1k.....wahhaha...but unfortunately i hav to pay my mom coz i bought a camera recently & still owe her another 500.....damn.....

13 October 2009


god....i fucking hate contractors right now....no matter how great their works are...they are all the same...their attitude suck
they dont hav sense of resposibility, sense of urgency, hence they are fucking irritating...took u so damn bloody long to quote for 1 double storey terrace hs??wat the heck....in fact, i started to hate my job right now not bcause of the designs, not because of some troublesome clients, it is all bcoz of ur idiotic attitude asshole
i wish i could build everything by myself...i can demolish the fucking wall, build the fucking carpentry work, do all fittings for lightings so i wont need ur fucking shit quotation bastard

08 October 2009

my top 10 lists

erm......after seeing that damn es searching for pulau perhentian's pic......
it makes me gatal again...(dont get it wrongly)...here are the lists that i would love to go in my future....& they are all beaches....erm....i love beaches......would u like to join me?? x)

1. Maldives

2. Malibu

3. Bahamas

4. Miami

5. Hawaii

6. Mauritius

7. Panama

8. Mexico

9. Bali

10. Necker Island

03 October 2009

how much do u think it should at least cost

oh my god.....how much do u think it should at least cost...not enough budget!!!

1.civil work
- demolish wall
- demolosh letter box & rebuild
- remove gate & replace new
- remove bathtub & replace ruin tiles
- remove all doors & replace with new solid doors
- remove all wc
- remove all basin
- remove shower replace with basin
- remove shower
- remove staircase handrail & replace new
- lay new tiles for car porch & back yard
2.carpentry work
- wardrobe x 3
- whole bed + bed head x 2
- side table x 4
- kitchen cabinet
- tv console + cabinets
- display cabinet
- shoe cabinet
- toilet cabinet & granite top
- door frame
- raised up for backyard
- book shelves
- window seating + cabinet
- staircase part drawer
- 2 new pergola roof with polycarbonate on top
- metal with chrome finish grill foor x 4
- metal with paint finish grill window x 5
- about 100 lighting points
6.plaster ceiling
- dont 1 2 count
- 3
- 2 for backyard with metal support & timber strip
- entire house
- i dont even know how many of them

29 September 2009

Q & A............jokes

Q: What is the similarity between men and rats?
A: Both keep searching for new holes.
Q: What is the closest thing similar to a woman's period?
A: Your salary, it comes once a month lasts about 5 days and if it doesn't come, it means you are in big trouble.

Q: What's the difference between biology and sociology?
A: When the baby looks like his dad or mom, then it is biology. When the baby looks like the neighbor, then it is sociology.

Q: What's the height of recycling?
A: Sending a sanitary napkin for dry cleaning.

Q: Doctor: You look so weak & exhausted. Are you having 3 meals a day as I have advised?
A: Lady: Doctor, I thought you said 3 males a day....

Q: Girlfriend & boyfriend go for a movie. In the dark, a mosquito enters the girl's skirt. Guess where it would have bitten?!!!
A: The boy friend's hand.

Q: Tarzan and the animals went to the river to take a bath. Tarzan removed his clothes. All the animals laughed at Tarzan. Tarzan asked "Why"?
A: The animals told him "Your tail is in front".

26 September 2009

Bright Student

A first-grade teacher was having trouble with one of her students.

Teacher: What is your problem?

Boy: I'm too smart for the first-grade. My sister is in the third-grade
I'm smarter than she is. I think I should be in the third-grade too.

The teacher took the boy to the principal's office. While the Boy waited
the outer office, the teacher explained to the principal what the

The principal told her that he would give the boy a test and if he
answer any of his questions he was to go back to the first-grade and
She agreed.

The boy was brought in and the conditions were explained to him and he
agreed to take the test.

Principal: What is 3 x 3?
Boy: 9

Principal: What is 6 x 6?
Boy: 36

And so it went with every question the principal thought a third-grade
should know. "I think the boy can go to the third-grade", said the
principal. The teacher said she had some of her own questions to ask.

The principal and the boy agreed.

Teacher: What is it that a cow has four and I have only two?
Boy: (after a moment) Legs.

Teacher: What is in your pants that you have but I do not have?
Boy: Pockets.

Teacher: What starts with a C and ends with a T, is hairy, oval,
and contains thin whitish liquid?
Boy: Coconut.

Teacher : What goes in hard and pink then comes out soft and sticky?
The principal's eyes opened really wide and before he could stop the
the boy was already answering.
Boy: Bubblegum

Teacher: What does a man do standing up, a woman does sitting down and a
dog does on three legs?
The principal's eyes opened really wide and before he could stop the
Boy: Shake hands.

Teacher: Now I will ask some "Who am I" sort of questions, okay?
Boy: Yep.

Teacher: You stick your poles inside me. You tie me down to get me up. I
wet before you do.
Boy: Tent

Teacher: A finger goes in me. You fiddle with me when you're bored. The
best man always has me first.
The Principal was looking restless, a bit tense and took one large vodka
Boy: Wedding Ring.

Teacher: I come in many sizes. When I'm not well, I drip. When you blow
me, you feel good.
Boy: Nose

Teacher: I am a stiff shaft. My tip penetrates. I come with a quiver.
Boy: Arrow

Teacher: What word starts with a 'F' and ends in 'K' that means lot of
heat and excitement?
Boy: Firetruck.

Teacher: What word starts with a 'F' and ends in 'K' and if u dont get
it u have to use your hand?
Boy: Fork.

Teacher : What is it that all men have one. It is longer for some men
than for others. The pope doesn't use his. Normally a man gives it to his
wife after they're married?

The principal breathed a sigh of relief and said to the teacher, "Send
this Boy to the University. I got the last ten questions wrong myself!"

20 September 2009


my god.....yesterday night went out for dinner with ex colleagues & boss....after that we went to bayview hotel to listen to a philippines band...well that's not my point....while we were having the 1st bottle of white wine....my tummy started to feel a little bit uncomfortable alr but i couldn't be bothered....we though we were goin back bcoz of the power cut & there's no electricity....so the band couldn't start singing....who knows "wuala" the electricity came back....SHIT....then "he" opened another bottle.....ARgh.....we got no choice wo we have to finish up the entire bottle or else.....he wouldn't let us go back...FUCK....after i've finished the last glass of my wine....warrRRr....my tummy started to be very very painful.....my god.....i can feel that there are 2 thorny's rollers been rolling around my organ....after reach home....i headed to the toilet hope that it could be better after "pliak pliak pliak"...it doesn't help much coz i cant even "pliak"...so i hav to convince myself to sleep.....the next day which is 2day...it was ok.....until i had my dinner...argh.....that kind of feelings came back.....i hope this is not wat ppl call gastric....or else i will die bcoz of those 2 thorny rollers

15 September 2009

Million $$ questions

Q: Why are condoms transparent?
A: So that sperms can at least enjoy the scene even if their
entry is

Signboard outside a prostitute's house:
Married MEN not allowed. We serve the needy, not the greedy...

New AIDS awareness slogan:
Try different positions with the same woman instead of same
with different women.

Why is $ex like shaving?
Well, because no matter how well you do it today... tomorrow
have to do it again...

Q: What will happen if earth rotates 30 times faster?
A: Men will get their salary everyday and women will bleed to

Q: Why do 90% gals have left boob bigger than right?
A: Bcoz 90% boys are right handed.

Q: What is the difference between a PANTY & a STAGE CURTAIN?
A: When you pull down the STAGE CURTAIN, the show is over, but
when you
pull down the PANTY..... it is SHOWTIME!

Q: What is the similarity between a wife and a chewing gum?
A: Both are sweet in the beginning but become tasteless and

Advantages of having an affair with a married women.
They give like hell.
They do not yell.
They do not tell.
They do not swell and there is no wedding bell!

My dad told me that if Adam and Eve were Chinese, we would be
still in Paradise . Why? Because they would have eaten the
snake instead of the bloody apple!

08 September 2009

damn DIGI

damn DIGI......deactivated my simcard bcoz i din't pay....but i din't even receive any statement......bullshit

06 September 2009


there are so many WHYssss that i woould like to say....i don't know WHY i wanna write....i don't know WHY the word WHY is on my mind right now....but what i wanna write right now is WHY....i don't know what the heck i am talking right now.....


26 August 2009

miss MCD moments

it has been so many months we din go out together alr.....i miss those moments.....where we joked, bitched, talk......when could it happens again???seriously i really miss those moments.....hopefully 1 day will receive ur call & ask us to go out together!!!

13 August 2009

a simple "POEM" that describes YOU

Ng Yee Cheng,
Is 1 of the friendship that i would like to maintain
A 21st years old gal like her,
The attitude is still duhhhh
She has a very cutie size,
But with great body that i wonder why
She is a sweet & pretty lady,
But sometimes she will go crazy
She used to has this crazy giant hair,
That will make u hav a nightmare
Even though she is a shorty,
But when she laughs....wah very gerli
She can makes a lot of funs,
But sometimes her cold joke can make u feel like poiting ur head with a gun
Her styles....erm...quite trendy,
But sometimes she dress like a lao yi
She is very simple,
That is easy to mingle, btw is still available
She has brownish color eyes,
That i wish it could be mine
She can be a good listener,
But if u hav a secret pls dont tel her
PLS dont think that she is very easy to 'bully' bcoz she is just little,
Or else u will make urself suicide by pulling the trigger
Actualy she is a very nice person,
Crazy, simple but elegance
Alright i think that's all that i wan to say,
Lastly have a nice day

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY YC, i hope u will like it

11 August 2009

numbers & me crazy like me




07 August 2009

new template

phew.......i have been changing templates this few days....i think finally i got a simple yet simple template....but i havent finished editing yet....coz i am not really gd at computer thingy....so i need to refer to my internet reference to change some other stuffs......i hope u like it

05 August 2009

i am coming back.....

i am coming back 2molo.....wahahahahaha

04 August 2009

Hutan Lipur Ulu Kaching, Rawang

Last sat me & some of my colleagues went to Rawang waterfall.....i woke up at 11sth in the morning & received a msg from yee li told me to get ready becoz she is coming after having a shower......so i went to get ready & wait for her......she reached my place about 2pm bcoz KL town areas are so jam bcoz there was a demonstration going on.......so we straight away head to royee's place....unfortunately that little lady was having lunch with her mama.....so we hav to wait......she came back about 3 sth then we went to a supermarket to buy some snacks & food....on the way to our destiny we were trying to avoid those jams, we went to the wrong place.......finally we reach there......
well......besides humans there's a lot of monkeys.....even though we had alr reach there, still we have to climb up those stairs.....wah...pretty tired man.........the waterfalls hav several levels......we miss the 1st 1, we went to the 2nd 1...omg......so many ppl.....so we hav to go to the 3rd 1......the water is a bit shallow compared to the 2nd but at least less ppl(main point).....so we had fun in the water.....we jokes a lot....as bcoz of 1 of my colleague forgot to bring bras & undies to change, i din bring extra bras, another 1 wore red color undies with white color shorts....so....u know exactly what is it goin to be happen if u r soaking wet with white color shirts or shorts.....while u r standing under the waters falling area.....u get a feeling like there are rocks falling all over ur body.....but it is quite fun....coz u can also feel like sombody is massaging u.....& it is FOC......btw we were fighting with those monkeys bcoz they were trying to steal our foods...
we went back about 6 sth......then we went to cheras night market to hav our dinner......after that we went back to sleep

30 July 2009


...................@ kl..................

27 July 2009


it was a strange night....while i was msn-ing with my frens.......suddenly...dat's some unknown ppl added me.....like usual i accept......then she came & talk to me & ask me very strange ques like r u a fun person??r u a gal & make sure that's no guys around??r u alone??& told me that they were partying, 21 gals in her apartment,goin wild.....that makes me even curious wat d heck she added me for to tell me this kind of things sumore they r german i dont even know them??........we on the webcam.......they were 2 gals infront of the webcam......they started kissing, & ask me to lower down my cam to show them my boobs(ewww).......then they continue kissing, 1 of them licked the others boobs....& ask me to use my fingers to point at my boobs......btw both of them were wearing bras only for the top part......1 of them told me that she has small boobs then suddenly she take off her bras to show me her boobs but she used her hands to cover up her nipples.......omg.........then ask me to show them mine(ewww)........then she unzipped her pants & show me her butt & she was wearing a thong.........then they taught me about nipple teaser thing.......imagine someone hot is behind u & hugging u......then slowly use ur finger to graze around ur neck.....
it was a very crazy night.....but it was fun to meet dis kind of crazy ppl....they show u a live not yet porn scene FOC but they want to c my boobs..........ahhahaha........i bet they were pretty drunk then just simply add somebody to have fun......& i am d lucky 1......

26 July 2009



1. Must have a note book & note down every instruction/answer
2.If you are in doubt/unclear please ASK & DON NOT ASSUME
3.Staffs are not allowed to have their replacement off days on Monday or Friday
4.Application for leave must be submitted/informed 5 days in advance. Forms are available from the admin department
5.MC for sick leave must be submitted the very next day upon resuming to work
6.To sign attendance record daily
7."I DONT KNOW" is not an acceptance answer to questions
8.whenever assignment by BOSS has been completed, onus of the individual to inform BOSS/SENIORS
9.time sheet must be completed on a weekly basis and submitted to admin ppl every monday before noon. There will be no further reminders
10.all purchases must be first approved by BOSS before further action
11.be conscious with your time
12.check & recheck your work to ensure correctness before showing to seniors
13.you might be asked to do work that do not seem related to architecture; take is as part of learning
14.we demand team work & sharing, if you are being taken to a meeting; upon returning to the office you are to share the transcript of the meeting with your colleagues. You are also expected to write the minutes of meeting at your own time
15.we required pro-action and initiative
16.whenever BOSS is around you ae required to work according to his schedule
17.to fill & complete requistion form whenever you are to do printing or copying works
18.metric scale rule and calculator are necessary equipment in lie with yoour work and you are expected to have your own set
19.working ethics & professionalism / the 3 mantras of this office are
a. sence of urgency
b. sence of diligence
c. sence of responsibility
20.online chatting is strictly prohibited during working hour
21.ear phone is strictly prohibited to be plug during working hour

24 July 2009


duh........since i got nth to post for quite few days d.......so i decide to post this since that ba69 post my 'CUTIE' pic........
basically, i put some dark eye shadow around his eyes, some black color eye liner, dark color lip gloss.......previously i wanna create a punk look for him...but i dunno how to do d hair style.....so instead of doin it in that way....i got a better idea which is to make his hair long......anyway....enjoy

14 July 2009


after coming back from lunch......d door was locked....so it is like usual i hav to wait for my other colleagues to come back from lunch & open the door.....
when i went in to the office.....i was looking for my cig....but when i open d box.....there's only 1 left...but as far as i cn remember......it should be at least left about 4.......d another thing is.....normally i will not zip my bag....especially today i was rushing for my lunch time i just took out my purse from my bag & straight away went out...but when i came back that time.....i wanna put my purse back into my bag.....my bag was ZIPPED.......weird.......so i ask my colleagues whether when i went out that time did anybody came....they said NO......i used to put my coins in my bag.....but i was all gone......coz i know i will never use the coins coz i never bring my bag out......STRANGE

i wonder who the hell will curi this kind of things.....& how would they gone in........

13 July 2009

my new shades

yesterday night we went to airport to pick our ee ee....after that we went to egate to hav our dinner
after that...me & my sis went to qb to lepak.......& i bought my new shades at optics 88....
they are doing promotion right now.....diff brands will have diff discounts....the 1 that i bought which is Ray Ban is doing 30% discount....previously it was 700 sth but after the discount it became RM 517.....i cant stand the seduction from the shades....so i bought it.....ahahahaha
good new is i got a new shades
bad new is i am broke.....coz i need to save money to go to my lovely destination bali
phew.....wish me luck

11 July 2009


alright.....finally, i've made my desicion.....i've been struggling with this for a very long time wondering i should or i shouldn't.....right now i've alr make up my mind & think it very very carefully
seriously....i cant take it anymore.......everyday our lovely housekeeper / house guard(whatever u prefer to call) just cant stop bothering me
- her voice will be as loud as ALTEC LANSING speaker
- her topic will be like WINAMP music player keep playing on the same track
- her attitude is like FORMICA LAMINATE very beautiful & nice infront of particular person
- her grandchildren are like FLIES keep 'psk psk' all over the place

for me :-
- they though i can be the FANTASTIC 4 INVISIBLE WOMAN can do things without ppl notice
- they though i can be like the movie ARMAGEDDON sacrifice my own life(time) for them
- they though i can be like BEN CAMPBELL in 21 can read cards without seeing it
- they made me like LIGHT YAGAMI in DEATH NOTE by writing victims name in the notebook
- they though i am a TRANSFORMER can transform from a technical become an admin
- they made me like a JUMPER to jump all over the place whenever they want

i alr decided to release myself & fly to wherever i want like MADAGASCAR ESCAPE TO AFRICA

06 July 2009


..........angel vs demon............
hmm.......it is not a movie.....it is just me......the good side of me the angle & d bad side of me the demon(it is not true i saja only)
kinda moody today......& extremely boring.....suddenly while i was looking at my pics.....ting.......i got an idea to do sth....becoz of my laptop display is not so nice anymore.....so i decided to do this & set it as my display pic ahahahahah......i hope everybody likes it.....coz i quite like it.....

02 July 2009

my next destination BALI

phew.....i've been thinking of goin to bali for years.......& right now malaysia airline is doing promotion......from PEN-KL-BALI & BALI-KL-PEN is only rm468 for oct.....it is pretty cheap compared to the normal rates......watching those pics of bali, bali's hotels.....wow......it makes me so damn excited.....i really really really hope that i could go to bali this year.....but the problems are....
- money (i'll figure it out)
- on leave (dunno whether boss will approve or not but dont bother)
- companion (still looking for ppl)
anyway i really hope i'll be there, go sun bathing, relax, enjoy, swimming,n get a very tan skin back....x)

28 June 2009


yesterday we went clubbing at mois bcos it is lemon's bid day.....there's only 6 of us (es, ym, lemon, jc, melissa & her fren)

ba69 siang come & fetch me at 10 sth & we reach there about 11.....while we were waiting for jc & melissa, we call up a person(sharon) & kacau her.....like usual she will say this & say that.......duh whatever....

it wasn't a very fun night that i had before, mayb it is bcoz of there's only 5 of us (in the end) & i am not really close with jc & melissa

i think my head is a lil bit dizzy but luckily i din puke...it doesnt feel gd when u r puking....anyway happy b'day to lemon

me & melissa

me & jc

me & es
me & lemon

14 June 2009


blackberry bold

blackberry storm
i am thinking of getting a new phone once there's no financial problem......n these are my options.......it is because of my lovely htc is sth wrong alr, whenever i press the back part it will automatically shut down.....& my iphone.....haiz.....there are some stupid irritatting lines on the screen.....right now i am using a nokia phone(the ugly 1)....seems like...it has some problem also.....not sure because there's once my fren called me, i can hear his voice but he cant....then i called him back, i cant hear his voice even though he alr ans the phone......so this might be sth wrong with my phone or the reception problems.....
so my new target is either blackberry BOLD or blackberry STORM.......but due to the experience of using touch screen phone, i think normal 1 is better....plus......i've lookED through youtube video....seems like STORM is realy a problem because it keep on lacking....so i think i've alr make up my mind.....& look foward for my BOLD

29 May 2009


i went to the doctor dis afternoon due to the red spots that appeared on my hands, legs.....
the doctor ask d 1st question :-
- do u hav fever??
ans : yes, but it was on mon
- do u hav any body ache??
ans : yes, during fever time
so he made a conclusion n said this is a new virus...n i call "fake measles" bcoz they share the same sysmptoms.......& a lot of ppl kena nowadays......so beware....dis sort of virus will make u body ache, joint ache, swollen, fever, red spots.......
alright pics below are my condition right now.......i feel that it is very disgusting......

25 May 2009

SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI....arghhhhhh

haiz....y i am so soi recently........everything happened just in 1 month time.....argh......i think may 2009 isnt a very good month for me.....i am not a very superstitious but i guess i am right now....

- at 1st i lost my laptop....all my data (songs, projects, pics n lots of things) are gone
- i almost got into an accident....n the person involve sucks...sumore kena fuck like hell...
- few days later, i got into a real accident....& i am so stupid just get 100 bucks from the person to
repair my mom's car sumore din get d contact no from her....in the end i hav to pay extra 600
bucks to repair my mom's car coz it cost 700 sth.....so i am broke right now
- yesterday night, i am on d way to go to fetch my sis from prangin i almost hit a bike AGAIN but it
aint my fault coz the bike came out of nowhere n suddenly kiss my car......

i hope dis is the end of my soiNESS.....i dont 1 2 face anything like dis anymore....n i really cant take it anymore......

so i think i wont drive for quite some time.....even though work....i will ask my mom to fetch me.....i rather be mahuan than all this things could or might possibly happen....alright i do hope god bless me.......n pls i dont 1 2 be so soi siao.........PLsSSssSSss

21 May 2009


hmm........it is 21st may 2009, 3 days after redang trip......my mind is still thinking about it....i was a pretty amazing trip n i love it so much....i went there for 3days 2night with my sis, sis's fren & my frens...total 10 of us.....

1st day :-
we took 10pm night bus from prangin to Merang (terrenganu ferry teriminal) the bus stop at 1 sth in the middle of the night for a break....n our lovely fren qy was struggling because according to her she said lost her spec but in the end we found it in her bag......what the hell......n then we continue with our journey....we reach Merang at 7 sth n our ferry is at 9am.....reach pulau redang at 10 sth..my 1st impression was....wow....so nice.....
after that we went to our room & cant wait to go out n play.......at 3 sth we went or our 1st snokerling at pulau sembilan.....wah it wa pretty hectic........after that we went bc to resort n hav our tea time.....dinner....n sleep....

all of us waiting for ferry

redang beach

me & qy ready to play....

2nd day :-
we woke up at 8th n went for our breakfast then went for our 2nd snokerling which is pulau pinang(no kidding it is the real name)it is very nice coz that's a lot of fishes...due to the 1st day experience we dare not to swim too far away coz we do not hav enough energy to swim bc...then like usual went bc to redang beach n hav our lunch.....suddenly......our troublesome fren qy got headache so she has to stay n rest....then we went for our 3rd n last snokerling......it is not as fun as d previous 1 coz it is quite deep nth much to c.....but it was quite fun though.....after that our troublesome doesnt really feel better so we dont 1 to disturb her n went out to play n snap photos......bcoz of our very tiring schedule......so we went to bed at i think 9 sth....

more more tea inn

3rd day (last day) :-
we woke up at 6 sth in the morning to see sunrise......after that we started to pack our things n had our breakfast...check out n say bye bye to pulau redang.....go back by bus again...n the bus stop at 1 sth in the afternoon for us to hav our lunch n our troublesome gal qy cannot ditch her laziness n wans to continue to sleep....after that the bus continue to head bc to penang.....in the middle of the road i was waken up by my troublesome fren qy bcoz she needs to go to toilet...n it took about 1 hour to go to d toilet...after that....skip the middle part....we reach penang...yay.......

our last moment at redang beach

09 May 2009


what the hell.......today is a real fucking day to meet that bloody fucking aunty with those fucking attitude & that damn fucking bike.....i really wish i hit u a very hard 1 until u lie down on the floor instead of using that fucking rude attitude to ask for a word sorry to come out from my mouth(i would tell u to go fuck yourself)i din even hit u ..& u r the 1 with those fucking speed which almost kiss my car....fuck.....this is really pissing me off.....

1 more thing to say is to warn everybody.....if u din witness anything pls dont use ur "clever" mind to make a statement & thinking of u r helping...in fact u r not n u r even making it worst....pls.....

i've finally realise that if a person is without any education the attitude cant be good...sorry no offense.....i made this statement is because of that bloody aunty...

anyway.....i am all better now.....hopefully,i will never met that kind of fucking ppl anymore.....

08 April 2009

VOTE for ur favourite

hmm...i think i am goin to be screwed like hell d......bcoz of this pic....ahhahhhaa.....probably if u saw u r in this pic u will throw me into the sea....or even kill me...ahahahaha...watever i dont care......in fact u sholud be happy if i choose u......which mean u had change to be way nicer.....congrats

pls dont blame me....bcoz i am so bored n sad recently...this is d thing that could cheer me up....ahahahahahahahahaha

by looking at this pic it can be prove to everybody how ppl change from a year to another n another.....wow....i cant believe it if i dont hav all this pics as my record...i mean i knew them for at least 3 years d.....i din even realise how they had became untill i saw this.....ahahahhah

anyway enjoy.....u can vote for ur favourite person if u like or maybe u can vote for the person that u think he/she had changed the most!!!!

cheers & peace

06 April 2009

why is working so HARD

watching d time right now it is so tiring & dont really feel like working....sumore my work is full of CRAZYNESS & SCARYNESS......everyday just thinking of what could possibly happen.......hmm.....that really drive me scary & hope i could drain myself with tons of OTHER works.....

every monday, i hope d time to be passes faster so i dont hav to work in the weekend...but this week i hope d time will stop ticking & so monday wont end.......

oops...i just found out that my kl colleague came to penang on sun.....n i am so blur i din even c the proton saga had gone....ahahah....blur me....

hopefully everybody be happily ever after

01 April 2009


1st of april..........i got fooled by my lovely fren(es) in the middle of the night....saying that he......ish.....damn you.....

To me, 1st of april isnt that unhappy moment besides keep being fool by ppl...but i hate this year's april fool....because i have to go to kl AGAIN on 4pm bus.....(NOTE: not for fun, for working reason) & i dunno when i am goin to be in penang.....i've started to go for outstation since january.....on & on....it is realy tiring....n 1 importatnt thing is i miss my frens & family.....

Recently, some of my frens got into a bad relationship....maybe this year isnt a happy ending or a loving year....by reading their faces & blogs u know that they aren't happy...hopefully they will forget those bad moment & come bc into the realistic & HAPPY world.....do god bless them...


31 March 2009

missing college life

watching the time right now(10.30 am) reminds me about my breakfast time in college...during the college time we were having 'hei kor pui' at nearby's kopitiam....making jokes, bitching about ppl n.......it was so much fun...then lunch time we will go to PM to eat tomyam maggee....then we got tea time break sumore.....really missing it

but what i am doing right now is...rushing for works & hoping i just need to stare at the drawings, it will correct automatically.....seriously working life isnt that fun & it is extremely tiring.......

ok......i think i hav to say bye bye d...coz i just got a called from my 'LOVELY' boss.....ciao

30 March 2009


dear my beloved fren qy,

FINALLY i've made my decision to become a part time blogger.Thx for ur recommendation...

ACTUALLY i realy dunno where to start & what to say.....

ANYWAY since i've started i will try to dig my brain & spill out my personal & secrective things....

BY THE WAY i want to thank you for your support if u saw this message