14 May 2011

what a day

Today has been one of the most craziest day I've ever had.
While I was using my laptop it suddenly hang and the screen became blurry then black in color. Then of course a normal human being will unplug it then plug it back again and start again. Cut the crap...doesn't work. Luckily it is ok now god knows why. Anyway it really scare the crap out of me. Hopefully with a great rest for the night I can still see your charm looking bright face by the morning. That would be awesome. Fingers cross

31 December 2010

dios bendiga usted

dios bendiga usted. no te preocupes todo va a estar bien

17 December 2010

Last Christmas

After listening to this song, i am so full of x'mas mood right now!!! Cant wait till next week!!! but i am in deep shit because i haven't got any idea of the present yet!!!Thanks to whoever that suggest this kind of games. Hopefully the punishments have nothing related to "sauce" or even food....pleaseeeeeeeeeeee...(fingers cross)

Anyway it is the end of the year may everybody live happily ever after for the brand new year & in the future. Lastly dear santa, give me more money to spend!!!LOL

16 December 2010

special sauce from my beloved!!!

i will remember this day..thx to my 2 beloved darlings.....i was so dead yesterday!!!
i hope u two know i am talking to you and lastly....NO MORE NEXT TIME!!!damn

28 November 2010

Rest In Peace

time of death 11.30pm 27 nov 2010. My poor SEIKO, she is only 2 years old. May you rest in peace!!! It's time to search for my new watch. LOL

11 November 2010

my new toy!!!

i got myself a new toy. perhaps for my own birthday present?!!but it cost me a lot though!!!LOL

05 November 2010

T.T........my hair........

omg.......my hair!!!that's not what i want, that's not the color i want....why there isn't anybody knows what i want just for once!!!pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee